In a disturbing report from the Hill, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Consumer Watchdog has revelaed that United Healthcare has circulated an email to its 75,000 employees urging them to lobby their elected officials against the public option for health care. In an intimidating request, UHC urges that employees write to local papers and editors and share a copy of those letters with the corporation. Promotion anyone?

While the email to employees states that “Your participation is completely voluntary and you may express any opinion you may have. You should feel free to identify yourself as an employee of UnitedHealth Group, but you need to be clear you are speaking as an individual and not on behalf of the company” the suggested text to use to send in letters to officials are only from on point of view – no public option. So it’s either take UHC’s position, or leave it.  And what employee is going to write against their employer’s position? Not many.

They spent millions and lost their uber-lobbying campaign. Now time to deploy the employee troops. Time to drink the Koolaid and take a step closer to turning the US in to a total corporatocracy.

2 thoughts on “Corporatocracy

    • It would depend solely on your definiton of the word, Rick. By my definition, no, we are not part of it and we seek to expose it. Those that want to control outcomes at all cost for the sake of big business is my definition of the term. What’s yours?


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